Existing RIA


Are you an existing RIA desiring to attract advisors to your firm? Or you already are, and want to benchmark your offering against the marketplace?

I speak to a LOT of RIAs who are looking to attract advisors.  I hear different value propositions, pricing models, recruiting approaches, etc.

I also speak to a LOT of advisors, and hear what they are looking for from a firm.

Are you a 1099 model or W2?  What technology do you provide?  Can advisors use their own branding?  Do you offer a friendly broker/dealer solution?  What geographic locations can you accommodate?  What minimum AUM requirements do you have?  What transition resources do you provide?  Will you be a successor if need be?  How do you price everything?  These are some of the many variables to consider when seeking to construct an attractive offering.

Equally important to what you’ve packaged together as your value proposition, is how you communicate it.  Some firms are great at this, others need improvement.

Whether seeking to attract advisors would be a new endeavor for your firm, or you’re tenured at it but haven’t recently benchmarked your offering against the marketplace, I am happy to connect for a conversation to help you learn from the hundreds of conversations I’ve had over the years.  (See also, a recent industry article I wrote on this topic.)

For these purposes, I offer a two-hour zoom call for $850.  If interested, please start by emailing me ([email protected]) briefly describing your current situation.  If I feel I would be a good resource for you, I will be happy to arrange the consulting call.

(Note:  I will not divulge details on the offering of any specific RIA firm.  I extend the same commitment of confidentially to your firm as well.  I will though speak in aggregate terms, to provide you with appropriate benchmarking.)

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