Frequently Asked Questions


(For a list of RIA specific questions answered, see my list of videos.)

General Questions

The section contains answers to general questions related to my firm.

1. Why did you start Transition To RIA?
I purposely left working at a custodian to start Transition To RIA for many of the reasons advisors choose to transition to the RIA model.  I wanted more flexibility and control with how I could market my services, more availability and choice of solutions, independence to provide what is best for each advisor and not be limited to a narrow set of solutions.  So in a way, it was hypocritical for me to be suggesting to advisors that they make a transition for these same reasons, if I wasn’t willing to do so myself.  Hence, the launch of my firm.
2. Will all of our interactions be kept confidential?
Absolutely. All conversations are strictly confidential. Only if and when we reach an agreed upon point where you’d like me to make introductions for you, our conversations will otherwise stay solely between you and I.
3. What do you charge for your service?

See my Pricing page for a full explanation.

4. What size advisors are you able to help?
I help advisors think through options available to them based on their size, the goals they have for their practice, what parts of their business they desire to run on their own vs outsource to someone else, etc. One size advisor (or team) will have different needs and options than another size advisor. I have helped sub-$100M AUM advisors, up to multi-billion dollar AUM advisors.
5. At what point in considering the RIA model should we contact you?
The earlier the better! There are several paths you could take to transition to the RIA model. Each with their own nuances, pros, cons, options, etc. It’s best to think those options through on the front end, before you get too far down a path that may or may not be best for you. Nonetheless, I have engaged with advisors already along all stages of the process.
6. If we haven’t definitively decided yet on the RIA model, can you still help us consider it?
Certainly! That is a key part of what I help advisors with. I help you understand how the model works, how it would look for your practice, and how it compares to other affiliation options. There is no prerequisite to have already decided on the RIA model to work with me. Helping you understand and think through options is part of the value I provide.
7. Will the vendors you recommend we contact treat our referral differently?

Yes, in a good way!  Consider an analogy of otherwise identical prospective clients that get connected to your practice:

  • Prospective client #1 calls your main office line and asks to make an appointment to meet with you.
  • Prospective client #2 is introduced to you by one of your top existing clients.

Naturally, you will be responsive and provide value and service to each.  However, with prospective client #2, how you treat them will likely be communicated back to your existing client.  Hence, you don’t want to jeopardize your existing relationship (and source of referrals) and so are even more responsive and helpful to the referred client.

That is similar when I make referrals to vendors.  They are desiring I make such referrals, and want to protect their referral source (me) by being absolutely responsive and helpful to advisors I refer to them (you).

8. Are you familiar with employee and independent broker/dealer models?
Yes, I spent part of my 20+ years in the industry in and alongside both the independent and employee broker/dealer models. Further, as most advisors I speak to are in one of those models, I have developed years of insight into them. I help you understand the RIA model, and how it compares to other affiliation model options.
9. Will you refer advisors to employee and independent broker/dealer models?
I help you understand everything there is to know about the RIA model, and how to transition your practice to it. There are scenarios, though, where the RIA model is not a fit. When that is the case, I am happy to refer you to contacts that can help you explore alternative models that better align with the needs of your practice.
10. You give away so much info on your website, aren’t you afraid advisors won’t then reach out to you?
I provide as much helpful content as I can. However, every advisor is unique. The only way to fully understand and consider your available options as they relate specifically to you is through a one-on-one consultation.

There is endless content online on how to manage wealth. Yet your clients turn to you as they understand and appreciate the value of working with a trusted expert, as opposed to trying to “Do-It-Yourself”. Advisors that want and expect the best for their practice, reach out to me for a one-on-one engagement.

11. Why are you always wearing the same style shirt?
This is by design. Some ask if I’m taking inspiration from the likes of Steve Jobs (black turtle neck), Mark Zuckerberg (grey t-shirt), or Michael Kitces (blue button-down). As much as I respect such luminaries, my reasoning is far less sophisticated.

When I started the firm, I planned to have my RIA Question & Answer video series. I also knew most of my interactions with advisors would be via zoom. I never wanted to have to think about what I was wearing in the last video I made, or what I was wearing the last time I appeared on a zoom with an advisor, etc.

Solution? Pick a particular outfit from the onset, and stick to it! Hence, the black polo.

Can’t find the answer you need?
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