New Advisor


Are you a new advisor, or someone looking to get into the profession?

It is a wonderful time to be enter into or grow a new advisory practice.  The average age of existing advisors continues to increase, necessitating a large pool of new professionals to succeed the eventual retiring advisor population.

Beginning such a path via the RIA model, is the path chosen by many, and justifiably so.  I encourage you to consider it as well.

My video series, podcast episodes, and whitepapers are all good (free!) resources to learn more about how the model works.

If you would like to have a one-on-one conversation with me, I would be happy to do so, provided I feel I can provide you with the guidance you are seeking.

To support the next generation of advisors, I offer a discounted rate of $250 for an hour long zoom, for anyone looking to get into the profession, or who is still within their first 3 years of growing a practice.  If interested, please start by emailing me ([email protected]) briefly describing your current situation and what you would like to discuss with me.  If I feel I would be a good resource for you, I would be happy to arrange a zoom for us to connect over further.